GeoTrust: As of May 31, 2018, GeoTrust will be discontinuing its GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner. GeoTrust will continue to support the revocation and cancellations of existing orders for the remainder of the product lifecycle, but will no longer provide customers the option to reissue after the End-of-Sale date.

You can still purchase Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark instead of GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scan.

GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scanner keeps your site free from malicious code

Keep your website and customers safe with daily malware scanning for an incredibly low price. The GeoTrust Website Anti-Malware Scanner gives you a heads-up about any malware risks that could potentially threaten your website’s integrity while also providing remediation clean-up instructions so you can keep your website safe. This malware scanner also features Anti-Malware Seal, which shows your customers the date of your last scan and also assures them that your website is free of malicious code at any given time thanks to GeoTrust, one of the most trusted brands in internet security.

As malware attacks continue to grow at an astounding rate, malware protection for your business and its integrity is no longer an option. Malware security must be an integral part of your complete online security plan. This product is often purchased with and used in conjunction with any SSL/TLS solution to augment your overall security plan. Show your users’ that their safety and concern is a priority.

GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Features and Benefits

  • Instantly assures your customers that your site has been scanned
  • Avoid possible blacklisting by browsers and search engines
  • Performs a daily anti-malware scan for as many as 50 pages
  • Light non-invasive script for the daily scan
  • Receive instant alerts via email if malware is detected
  • Collects minimal contact data
  • No vetting required enables immediate activation
  • Keeps hackers away
  • Get easy cleanup instructions if website is infected with malware
  • Backed by one of the most trusted SSL brands, GeoTrust

FAQs on a Website Anti-Malware Scan

What is malware?

  • Malware refers to malicious software, a growing online risk
  • Hackers have become very sophisticated at gaining access to your site by uncovering security weaknesses which enables them to install malware without you even knowing
  • Since the malicious code is typically invisible customers can unknowingly infect their computers when browsing your site
  • By spreading viruses in this way, hackers can easily hijack your computer or steal confidential information including credit card numbers or other personal data

How can I be sure my site is malware-free?

Malware is hidden in your site code so it's tough to detect without the help of tools specifically designed to find it. The GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner tracks down infected code during daily malware scans. You're promptly alerted if problems are found including which pages are involved and what code is infected. The detailed instructions make it easy to delete the bad code and queue up a rescan within 24 hours.

Could running the GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner slow down my site?

Not a chance. It's like having ten visitors navigating your site.

What's the best way to protect my site from malware?

Your best prevention is installing the GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner Seal front and center on your site. Hackers are going to focus on easy targets. Showing you run daily malware scans on your site is a huge deterrent. Plus knowing you can respond quickly and delete the malicious code will send them packing to vulnerable sites where they can have the biggest impact.
GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner, GeoTrust Daily Website Malware Scanner

How will I know malware has been detected on my site?

Once a problem is found, the GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner Seal disappears. You'll be notified via email and given detailed directions on how to sign in to the End User Portal to get the list of affected pages and problem code. Once you've deleted the identified code, queue up a re-scan within 24 hours and it's confirmed the malware has been successfully removed the seal will reappear.

What does the GeoTrust Website Anti Malware Scanner Seal communicate to my customers?

Today's consumers are increasingly looking for ways to make sure websites are safe. Displaying the seal puts their mind at ease and demonstrates your commitment to their online safety. As consumers become more concerned about identity theft, they look for signs that a site is safe before doing business.

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