ECC Algorithm

The world's strongest, most advanced encryption technology is the ECC Algorithm

Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) is the latest, most advanced approach to public-key cryptography. Think about it, the world of cyber crime is constantly evolving. And as cyber criminals look for new ways to steal information, bring down web servers and beat industry-standard security measures–it's important that the web security industry evolves, too. Introducing ECC, the next generation of encryption technology. And it's available exclusively through Symantec.

ECC is approved by the US government and has been endorsed by the NSA. It's based on the idea of using points on a curve to determine public and private key pairs. We'll spare you the really technical stuff, but suffice it to say it's almost impossible to break using the most common tactics employed by cyber criminals. It's also faster and requires less processing power to run. The benefits of this should be obvious. Traditional SSL encryption can be taxing to your server. Not in small numbers, per se, but if you run a website that gets really heavy traffic you're looking at a lot of encrypted connections which requires a lot of computing power to maintain. With ECC you're getting a more secure level of connection that requires just a fraction of the processing power. That's going to be especially useful for those browsing on mobile devices, who will see an improvement in their experience with things like transactions. It's a win-win. And it's only available through Symantec.

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